Cerema provides local players with support in terms of engineering and technical expertise in the 9 areas that make up its activities with a view to fostering a transition to a low-resource and carbon-free economy, respectful of the environment and fair . It ensures the promotion at the territorial, national, European and international levels of the rules of the art.

Present both on scientific and technical issues, on the major societal issues of sustainable development and on the issues of the management of territories and cities, Cerema brings its knowledge and know-how to improve the living environment of citizens .

Cerema is a technical expert in various fields (planning, transport, infrastructure, risks, building, environment …) and positions itself as an integrator, mobilizing its multi-business skills in the service of territories and their projects. A public establishment, it acts as a neutral and impartial actor, intervening primarily where the needs of the State and communities are the most important and the subjects the most complex.

Research at Cerema is in close contact with other activities and contributes to bringing the establishment in touch with the state of the art, in particular by helping it in its role of “facilitator”, playing a role of mediation between research and territories.

Innovation at Cerema is fueled by the uses and needs of the territories. It is as much about services and methods as it is about tools. It takes into account the environmental, economic and social dimensions. It is also open, the complexity of the questions put to the territories preventing Cerema from imagining being able to innovate on its own. Finally, Cerema wants to support and facilitate the dissemination in the territories of innovations developed by others.

the Carnot Clim’adapt institute supports companies, engineers, manufacturers, local authorities in research and innovation approaches to address the challenges of a transition to a low-resource, carbon-free economy, respectful of the environment and fair, focusing more particularly on the needs related to risks, the environment, mobility and development.

Cerema is a partner for the promotion of research and innovation.

A true center of interdisciplinary scientific and technical resources and expertise, Cerema disseminates and promotes the work and studies related to its activities through the publication of books, training and the organization of technical days.

Scientific and technical tools, methodologies, regulations, best practices, information on public policies and territories, innovative or alternative practices, feedback … This great diversity of resources is offered to everyone, technicians from local authorities or departments. government, public and private professional networks, elected officials, citizens. Territorial actors draw from it the knowledge and know-how they need to implement and evaluate their development projects in a wide variety of fields (environment, transport and infrastructure, risk prevention, road and maritime safety, urban planning, etc. habitat, housing, energy or climate).

Standardization is at the heart of Cerema’s concerns. It contributes to the quality and durability of the structures as well as to the safety and health of the public. It also facilitates the diffusion of innovation and supports economic development.

Cerema identifies and proposes draft standards that may have an impact on activities falling within its fields of competence and answer questions from stakeholders.

By promoting the appropriation of standards by the actors of the territories and by supporting the communities at the various stages of decentralization, Cerema positions itself as a stakeholder in the dialogue allowing the constraints and questions of the communities to be taken into account in the standardization process. .

More than 150 of our agents participate in French or international standardization bodies (a large part of which are members of standardization committees monitored by the standardization office for transport, roads and their development – BNTRA).

Website: https://www.cerema.fr/fr